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the leader's toolkit workshop

This experiential workshop designed in collaboration with Dr. Amy C. Edmondson of Harvard University and based on her research will help you develop the mindset, skills and practices needed create psychological safety and a high performance team environment.

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Leaders are the primary reason why people leave organizations


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Core Concepts

Develop your knowledge of psychological safety, and how you can be more influential as a leader.

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Setting the Stage

Learn to use a simple framework to set direction for your team, rethinking the role of the leader and making psychological safety a team project.

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Inviting Participation

Improve the interactions and quality of the conversations on your team and learn to nurture and refine your teams process for success.

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Respond Productively

Create an environment that helps your team stay accountable while feeling a sense of appreciation and belonging.

putting research into action

This workshop is built to help you develop the behaviors found in the research of Dr. Amy C. Edmondson to build psychological safety and improve team outcomes. This open program delivers 4-modules in a single 4-hour session accompanied by a participant guide.


This workshop can also be delivered as a multi part series designed for greater scalability and flexible timing for organizations. The design and content is focused on putting research practice to help you continue your evolution as a leader.

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Confidently create adaptive, resilient, high-performing teams

We work with our clients to design  scalable solutions that develop psychological safety through training, development and advisory


The Leader's Toolkit Framework

The Core Concepts of Psychological Safety

Develop the knowledge and awareness of psychological safety that is crucial to successfully navigate the constantly changing business world. You will establish a clear and confident understanding of what psychological safety is and isn't, and how to navigate the often confusing and uncertain middle ground.


At Aristotle Performance, we take immense pride in our commitment to helping our clients achieve their goals and realize their full potential. We believe in the power of feedback, and our clients' voices are at the heart of our success.

Why choose this

At the core of Psychological Safety are three pillars: leadership, team dynamics, and the broader organizational framework. Our methodology revolves around crafting scalable, developmental solutions that target these crucial areas.


We are dedicated to forging bespoke experiences enriched with actionable tools, so your leading talent remains with you, driving your company forward.

Enhance Your Potential as an Individual, Team, or Organization

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