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Construyendo Seguridad Psicológica para la fidelización Innovación y el Crecimiento

Leaders are the primary reason why people leave organisations. This experimental program will help you become the reason why people stay.

solutions for Leader

Leaders are the primary reason why people leave organizations

psychological safety, learning & team performance

This 6-module program provides you with the tactical skills to be an impactful leader who generates belonging and high performance.​

Our structure, the experiential learning, the curiosity, the questions asked, the idea of doing over memorizing, the support you receive -- it provides an effective way to make growth happen. ​

We create opportunities in a safe environment to collaborate and learn. We continue to see that what you put in is what you get out. ​

The outcome is that participants create new habits and develop a new mindset to better lead a team, build psychological safety and to navigate an uncertain world.

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Confidently create adaptive, resilient, high-performing teams

We work with our clients to design  scalable solutions that develop psychological safety through training, development and advisory

pre-program activities

Complete self-paced online Psychological Safety FoundationsShare 360° Assessment SurveyComplete 7-question Psychological Safety Scan 

Psychological Safety & Navigating Uncertaintytle

Week 1: 90 Minute Live Virtual Session

Leaders develop knowledge and awareness of psychological safety necessary to navigating an uncertain world and foundational to team performance. 


At Aristotle Performance, we take immense pride in our commitment to helping our clients achieve their goals and realize their full potential. Our client review section is a testament to the transformative experiences that our valued clients have had with our services. We believe in the power of feedback, and our clients' voices are at the heart of our success.

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research backed experiential learning

Delivered as(6) 90-minute live virtual development sessions participants have also got the opportunity to build community and connect with other leaders to share learnings and reflections.

each session focuses on one skill and participants use the interim periods to put learning on action.

Meetings guides 360 feedback live sessions and accessed to self placed learning materials allows you to learn based on your style and use material as a future on demand resource

Shown through research, each skill is an important building block for psychological safety, team learning and high performance.

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Los Angeles, CA USA

Vancouver, BC Canada

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