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Construyendo Seguridad Psicológica para la fidelización Innovación y el Crecimiento

We work with leaders to increase productivity, foster belonging, nurture innovation to overcome a changing world of work.

We provide the skills and resources to increase innovation, belonging and productivity to overcome a changing world of work. 

Trusted Innovators

Psychological safety isn't a theory, its a tangible practice critical for effective teamwork.

We take a hands on, tailored approach to provide concrete tools, resources & clear direction.

Working with Leaders & teams?

Executive Session

Lead the way forward for your organization.

Courageous Leadership

The blueprint for modern leadership.

Team Workshop

Achieve greater alignment, collaboration & performance


Inspire action & align your people. 


Enterprise & team level insight.


Train your trainers and build the internal capabilities to address psychological safety for teams

Working across your organization?

Creating a Fearless Organization?

We have worked in collaboration with Dr. Amy C. Edmondson and The Fearless Organization to develop evidence based solutions that improve team performance and give leaders practical tools and resources.

As a long standing partner we have made establishing best practices and building a community of practice part of our mission.

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Understanding Psychological Safety

La Seguridad Psicológica es el factor más crítico para el desempeño del equipo. Si se tiene, los equipos son capaces de mejorar la pertenencia, la inclusión, la innovación y el desempeño.

Sin la Seguridad Psicológica, tendrá que lidiar con errores evitables, poca fidelización y ver cómo sus mejores talentos innovan en otro lugar.


Cuando nos encontramos en un entorno de aprendizaje y pertenencia, nos comprometemos y contribuimos de forma significativa con una mentalidad de colaboración orientada al desempeño. Damos nuestro esfuerzo discrecional y dedicamos nuestro tiempo a crear valor.


Solutions to build the long-term mindsets, skills, and behaviors your workforce needs to be ready for any challenge — today and tomorrow.

Transforming Mindsets

In a rapidly evolving world, our cutting-edge approach to personal and professional development is designed to transform mindsets.


We utilize evidence-based coaching and scientifically-backed solutions to cultivate the resilience, adaptability, and forward-thinking mindset your team needs to excel in any situation.

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Psychological Safety Foundations


Our goal is to ensure that we are helping you achieve the strategic future of your organization and team. To get there you need aligned, capable and innovative people. `

Moment to moment we assess how risky it is to share candid feedback, un-sanitized information, ask questions or offer new ideas we call this psychological safety.


It's not about being nice or fluffy safe rooms - it's about how well we can collaborate to solve the challenges we face every day.

Leaders, teams and organizations who have the knowledge and skills to create psychological safety are able to lower stress, increase productivity, innovate more and empower your people to be your best asset

We believe that a work environment which is based on psychological safety allows for candid feedback, un-sanitized information and creative thinking.

Through experience we've seen this translate into higher productivity, more engagement, faster collaboration and greater innovation.


We are committed to working with you to achieve this.

Our team of experts is dedicated to analyzing the structures and procedures of your organization. We assess and evaluate how to improve communication across the board and create a safe space for employees to share their ideas and suggestions.



Los Angeles, CA USA

Vancouver, BC Canada

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