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The Art of Innovation Workshop

In this dynamic three-hour workshop, inspired by Dr. Amy Edmondson’s groundbreaking insights from her latest book, "The Right Kind of Wrong," participants will explore the transformative power of intelligent failure as a catalyst for innovation.

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Putting research into action


"The Art of Innovation" workshop aims to transform how leaders, managers, and teams perceive and utilize failure as a catalyst for innovation. Inspired by Dr. Amy Edmondson’s "The Right Kind of Wrong," this workshop will guide participants in fostering a culture that values experimentation, learning, and psychological safety, enabling them to navigate today’s rapidly changing business environment with agility and creativity.

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Understanding Intelligent Failure

Discover how to distinguish between productive and unproductive failures and leverage them for continuous improvement.

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Interactive Exercises

Engage in hands-on activities and analyze real-world examples to see how leading organizations have successfully implemented these principles to drive innovation.

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Developing a Fail Forward Mindset

Learn techniques to cultivate resilience and a growth mindset within your team. Discover how to shift the narrative around failure, transforming it into a powerful tool for innovation and long-term success.

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Actionable Takeaways

Leave with a personalized action plan to implement the principles of intelligent failure within your organization. Gain practical tools and techniques to foster creativity, encourage experimentation and drive innovation.

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