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Building Psychological Safety for Retention, Innovation and Growth

Who we are

Setting the Stage for learning and high performance

We work with our clients to design scalable solutions that develop psychological safety through training, development and advisory

Organizations see increased retention, contribution and performance. People benefit from a greater sense of belonging, inclusion and growth.


Our goal is to build skills within your organization to nurture psychological safety, learning and high performance without the frustration of a large scale program or high-priced ongoing consulting. 


"If you’re looking to increase Psychological Safety across your organization, Aristotle is a standout. If you want to certify and train your teams to lead candid productive dialogue, Aristotle is a must."

Alberto Gutierrez - Ogilvy


"Aristotle Performance have been trusted partners as we rolled out initiatives and programs across our organization. They have helped us tie our goal of a more inclusive and diverse workplace to business goals and a productive work environment."

Elizabeth Isaacs - RELX

where we start

What is Psychological Safety?


Psychological Safety is the single most critical factor for team performance. If you have it, teams are able to improve belonging, inclusion, innovation and performance.


Without Psychological Safety, you will be left dealing with avoidable mistakes, low retention and watching your top talent innovate somewhere else.

When we are in an environment of learning and belonging, we engage and contribute meaningfully with a collaborative mindset oriented towards performance. We give of our discretionary effort and spend our time creating value.

how we work

Build your capability as an individual, team or organization


Leadership, team relationships and organizational context are the three most influential factors of Psychological Safety. Our approach is to create scalable development solutions to address one or more of these factors.

Our goal to create unique experiences combined with practical tools so you don't have to watch your top talent slip away.


"We realized that Psychological Safety was critical for our continued growth and development as an organization. The Aristotle team have helped us design an approach with a clear path forward and opportunities to adapt along the way. We look forward to continuing our work together. "

Kathy Kidd - FINRA

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