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The Leader's Toolkit Workshop

This experiential workshop will increase your ability to assess and understand psychological safety and to create a more meaningful and productive team environment by leveraging the Leader's Toolkit framework from Amy Edmondson.


"A lot of my time as a leader trying different ways to get the most from my team. The leader's toolkit is simplest most effective approach I've found. It's made my job easier and my team is more engaged."

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Putting research into action


This workshop is built to help you develop the behaviors found in the research of Dr. Amy C. Edmondson to build psychological safety and improve team outcomes. This open program delivers 4-modules in a single 4-hour session accompanied by a participant guide. This workshop can also be delivered as a multi part series designed for greater scalability and flexible timing for organizations. The design and content is focused on putting research practice to help you continue your evolution as a leader.

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Core Concepts

Develop your knowledge of psychological safety, and how you can be more influential as a leader.

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Setting the Stage

Learn to use a simple framework to set direction for your team, rethinking the role of the leader and making psychological safety a team project.

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Inviting Participation

Improve the interactions and quality of the conversations on your team and learn to nurture and refine your teams process for success.

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Respond Productively

Create an environment that helps your team stay accountable while feeling a sense of appreciation and belonging.


The Leader's Toolkit Framework

Module 1: The Core Concepts of Psychological Safety 
  • Leaders develop knowledge and awareness of psychological safety necessary to navigating an uncertain world and foundational to team performance. 

Module 2:  Setting the Stage: Create Share expectations and meaning
  • Rethinking the Role of the Leader

  • Framing the Work Checklist

  • Creating Cooperative Agreements

  • Emphasizing Purpose

Module 3: Inviting Participation: Create confidence that voice is welcome
  • Demonstrate Situational Humility

  • Practice Inquiry Based Leadership

  • Create Structures & Process

Module 4: Responding Productively: to Orient your Team towards Continuous learning
  • Express Appreciation

  • Destigmatize Failure

  • Sanction Clear Violations 

Confidently create adaptive, resilient, high performing teams.
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