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Become Fearless Certified 
& unlock team potential.

In partnership with: 

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Fearless Organization Certified Practitioners help teams create greater belonging, higher productivity and more effective relationships.

Practitioners learn to measure levels of Psychological Safety using The Fearless Organization Scan and the critical skills needed to guide sessions that capitalize on areas of opportunity.


“It was obvious from day one the care and attention that had been put into the course. This would enable anyone to develop their skills, improve team performance and increase Psychological Safety in their organization.”


Start with an accurate Benchmark

After 25+ years of research, Dr. Amy Edmondson published “The Fearless Organization” in 2019. Along with Google’s landmark 2016 Project Aristotle study, the data from Dr. Edmondson’s research was conclusive: Psychological Safety is the most important factor in team effectiveness and performance.

The Fearless Organization Scan is an instrument developed by Amy Edmondson’s team that is designed to provide a map of team members’ perceptions of Psychological Safety. This instrument has been designed to be:


  • Accurate

  • Fast

  • Inexpensive


This instrument utilized the Psychological Safety Index (PSI) that was created from the research to predict performance by measuring perceptions of Psychological Safety in four dimensions:

Attitude to risk & Failure.png
Inclusion & diversity.png
Open Conversation.png
Willingness to Help.png

to Help

Attitude to
Risk & Failure


& Diversity



CEO Neil Pretty

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Leader. Entrepreneur. Adventurer. Neil is on a mission to create exponential impact for organizations and the people who work for them.


Dr. Taylor Mauriello (Harrell), Ph.D

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Researcher. Consultant. Swing Dancer. Taylor believes everyone has the capacity to lead, and good leadership can make all the difference. 


COO Jason Eisner

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Integrator. Coach. Biomechanics Nerd. Jason believes in the power of co-creation and that the best systems get the best results.

Course Highlights

Who is this for?

This course is designed to engage with individuals from a diversity of experiences ideal for L&D managers, team leaders, HR executives, business partners or representatives and others who have the responsibility of developing learning programs and mentoring people for increased performance and organizational success.


"I was really impressed with the level of connection with the other participants. I felt it was even easier to go a little deeper online even with people from all over North America and the world.


The instructors were engaging and clearly knew the subject matter at an extremely deep level. I learned a lot!"

Here's how the program works

We designed this program to be impactful, experiential bring a new level of understanding of psychological safety to people who work with teams.

You will join a small cohort of like-minded professionals in a highly experiential & interactive virtual environment. Two 1:1 coaching sessions & a pilot scan of a team of your choice is also included.

  • Four live, virtual workshops (3-hours each)

  • Pilot Scan for a team of your choice

  • Two private supervision sessions

  • Access to the FOS portal

  • Your own FOS dashboard

  • Access to a global community of more than 200 practitioners

Contact us for group rates and solutions for organizations

Session 1: Understanding the Core Concepts
  • Understanding and explaining the concept of psychological safety

  • Understanding Impression Management

  • Understanding the Learning Zone

  • Debrief Experience

  • Small group work

Session 2:  Debrief the results
  • Understand the process for setting up and running a PS survey

  • Creating Agreements for Team Development

  • Guiding a Dialogue

  • Small group work

Session 3: Case Studies and the Leader's Toolkit 
  • The Leader's Toolkit for developing Psychological Safety​

  • Working with a team

  • How the Scan results work in practice

  • Small group work

Session 4: Presentations & Debrief Experience
  • Learning Pod project presentations

  • Experiencing a Dialogue

  • Real world implementation

  • Small group work

Team Debrief Field work
  • ​​Participants complete a Team Debrief Session (5-12 person team provided by participants)

  • Additional support is offer through:

    • (2) 60min. Open forum “Town Hall” Zoom sessions (attendance is optional)

    • (2) 30min. pre and post-debrief 1:1 supervision session with your Learning Pod leader

Additional Program Activities
  • Pre Program

  • Read The Fearless Organization book

  • Complete the Fearless Organization Scan sent in your prep-materials

  • During Program

  • Access to The Fearless Organization Scan scan video tutorials (access is free during program and pay-per-use ongoing.)

  • Learning Pod Project Collaboration. Participants contribute to a pitch deck or intro to psychological safety presented in module 4. This ensures that each participant is able to explain core concepts, position their work and leave the program with materials that is fitted to their own context.

Special Features
  • Gain access to The Fearless Organization Scan portal and learn at your own pace to survey and measure team Scores

  • You will also have an opportunity to engage with your learning pod to develop a presentation shown in session 4.

  • Opportunity to join a community of practice. (Some of our participants have even met future business and book writing partners!)

Want to learn more or speak with someone from our team?

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