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Courageous Leader Program


Leaders are the the primary reason why people leave organizations. This experiential program will help you become the reason why people stay.

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Psychological Safety, Learning & team Performance


This 6-module program provides you with the tactical skills to be an impactful leader who generates belonging and high performance.

Our structure, the experiential learning, the curiosity, the questions asked, the idea of doing over memorizing, the support you receive -- it provides an effective way to make growth happen. 

We create opportunities in a safe environment to collaborate and learn. We continue to see that what you put in is what you get out. 

The outcome is that participants create new habits and develop a new mindset to better lead a team, build psychological safety and to navigate an uncertain world.


"I found my role as a leader getting harder as change has become the new norm. I gained learning that built my confidence and but also tools that have helped my team become a place of trust and belonging. ."

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research, insight & experience

We've designed several learning experiences delivered through a connected digital space. Highly interactive, intensive and applicable while rooted in research.

Learn by Doing

Our participants have access to curated resources, videos and articles to support your learning. Of, course it's about more than that -- its about putting your learning into practice, sharing those experiences and levelling up


With access to one-on-one coaching we are able to guide you on your journey while offering support and offer guidance focused on your individual growth.


Research backed Experiential learning 

Delivered as (6) 90-minute live virtual development sessions participants also have the opportunity to build community and connect with other leaders to share learning and reflections. 


Each session focuses on one skill and participants use the interim periods to put learning into action.

Meeting guides, 360° feedback, live sessions and access to self-paced learning materials allow you to learn based on your style and use the material as a future on-demand resource.

Shown through research, each skill is an important building block for psychological safety, team learning and high performance.


"I applied to this program to expand my skill set as a leader and it was the interactions and experiences that really shifted what I felt was possible for me as a leader."

Pre-Program Activities

  • Complete self-paced online Psychological Safety Foundations

  • Share 360° Assessment Survey

  • Complete 7-question Psychological Safety Scan 

session 1: Psychological Safety & Navigating Uncertainty

Week 1: 90 Minute Live Virtual Session

  • Leaders develop knowledge and awareness of psychological safety necessary to navigating an uncertain world and foundational to team performance. 

Session 2:  Courageous Leadership

Week 2: 90 Minute Live Virtual Session

  • Through a 360° assessment and guided reflection, leaders develop awareness of their impact and influence while growing their confidence and courage as leaders. 

Session 3: Team Relationships

Week 3: 90 Minute Live Virtual Session

  • Leaders learn to grow and enhance the relationships which are critical for fostering psychological safety, inclusion and accountability.

Session 4: Thinking in Systems

Week 4: 90 Minute Live Virtual Session

  • Leaders develop their knowledge of systems thinking while learning how to better communicate with their team and begin to share that knowledge with their team.

Session 5: Failure, Innovation & learning

Week 5: 90 Minute Live Virtual Session

  • Leaders learn how to invite, prepare and reframe conversations about failure to create an environment that is ripe for innovation and productivity.

Session 6: Accountability & appreciation

Week 6: 90 Minute Live Virtual Session

  • Leaders learn how to create meaningful accountability and generate positive mindset through appreciation. 

Special Features

  • Meeting guides for team and 1:1 meetings

  • 360° feedback

  • Access to coaching is included

  • Build your network and community 

Confidently create adaptive, resilient, high performing teams.
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