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Do your leaders have the courage to face change?


Leaders are the key to an effective, agile & innovative organization. This is why we created The Courageous Leader Program.


An experiential program that helps leaders learn across silos and develop core skills without wasting time.

Fast, Effective, and Proven

The CLP is a 90-day leadership journey

Your people need support and skills now, not a year from now. The courageous leaders program is designed to be flexible so it can be a 90 days or longer based on the needs of your people. This helps 

This immersive process was designed to offer a format that is effective and an opportunity to customize content on the fly. Our peer learning approach provides a chance to develop networks across the  organization and a practical experience, not just theory.


“The program gave me the courage to reach out to another leader outside of the program and ask if we would encourage our teams to interact and solve problems together instead of through us.


Both our teams were more efficient. And, as leaders, we both felt like we were doing less work.



Ray Ooi

Psychological Safety, Learning & team Performance


This 6-module program provides the tactical skills to be an impactful leader.

Our structure, the experiential learning, the curiosity, the questions asked, the idea of doing over memorizing, the support you receive -- it provides an effective way to make growth happen. 

We create opportunities in a safe environment to collaborate and learn. 

Leaders create new habits and develop a mindset to better lead a team, build psychological safety and to navigate uncertainty.

Research & Experience

Learn practical, applicable, and research backed skills in a connected digital space.

Learn by Doing

Highly experiential skill based modules and access to curated resources connect your learning into practice.

Build Connection

Our unique peer learning & cohort based approach helps build a community for leaders to develop and grow.

Curious to learn more?

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