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Team Development


Teams are the learning and performance units of an organization. Your teams will accomplish their goals more effectively by nurturing psychological safety, improved diversity, learning and growing together.

The quality of your conversations will determine the quality of your outcomes.

Psychological Safety

Start your journey


Developing psychological safety starts by collecting data and having a conversation. IT may seem simple but your team is best source of solutions for improving how they work to accomplish their goals. 

The process is simple and the outcomes continue to provide teams like yours actionable direction suited to your context.


Step 1: Leader & Facilitator meet for 1:1 to discuss the team context, communication and follow-up


Step 2: The team is invited to attend a live virtual introduction to psychological safety and complete a short 3 minute survey


Step 3: The team participates in a facilitated virtual session exploring themes, patterns and opportunities while co-creating an action plan for moving forward.

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Leveraging research & insight

We've designed several learning experiences delivers through a connected digital space. Highly interactive, intensive and applicable.

Learn by Doing

Our participants have access to curated resources, videos and articles to support your learning. Of, course it's about more than that -- its about putting your learning into practice, sharing those experiences and levelling up


With one coach for every 10 participants we're able to support and offer guidance focused on your individual growth.


"I had never heard my team talk about the topics we discuss. even though I had asked for feedback I the opportunity to have a dialogue as a team opened up several doors for improvement. I'm still a bit in shock that it was that easy."

William Mansfield - LNLP

High Performance

Team Development Program


As your team grows and changes over time or if you are a new team if you can improve how to leverage your diverse talent to face your biggest challenges.


Ideal for in-tact and executive teams our team development programs are designed to guide your team through a process of self discovery and refinement that will fundamentally change what is possible for your team.


Over a 60-90 day timeframe we start with 1:1 introductions and move through a series of team sessions with the goal of identifying and preparing you to overcome the most significant challenges you face. 

Session 1: Psychological Safety - build a foundation 

Session 2: Team Dynamics - learn to leverage natural talents

Session 3: Whats the Real Problem - clarify strategic goals 

Session 4: Rhythm, Rigour & Reflection - determine a cadence for success

*1:1 coaching available throughout.

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