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Whats measured gets improved

The Fearless Organization Scan is the gold standard for measuring tracking and improving psychological safety. Developed in collaboration with Dr. Amy C Edmondson of Harvard business School it is the only assessment that can boast more than 3 decades of research.

We are able to offer team & enterprise based assessment that quickly and easily help pinpoints areas of opportunity for development and the best approach to improving

How it works



We want to understand your goals so we can help you overcome the challenges that are preventing you from achieving those goals. To do that we want to understand your context, how your teams work and what other data will help you make good strategic decisions.. 



We send communication to build awareness of how the results will be used and start capturing results. We will use our more extensive Learning Organization Scan or out psychological safety scan which takes only 2-3 minutes to complete. 


Action planning

After reviewing the results we will help create an action plan and next steps. This will include solutions you can implement tomorrow on your own, options to work together or for us to take the lead and help implement solutions tailored specifically for you.


We put top tier research and experience into practice. We seek out the most relevant and rigorous research while applying what we have seen in direct application with organizations. Our collaboration with Dr. Amy C Edmondson provides a pathway to receive the latest insights and share the results of our interventions and offer direction on industry trends.

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