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What leaders need to know about change: Dr Taylor Harrell on TEDxSDSU

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Our Head of Learning, Dr. Taylor Harrell, Ph.D. has made invaluable contributions to our practice, clients, and structure. A friend and colleague, she has a deeply rooted background in leadership research. She brings an approachable attitude along with a wealth of knowledge that are truly worth celebrating. Today we are able to do just that while sharing with you her latest TedTalk!

Leadership research is about so much more than trust falls–as a result it is a vast topic. As Taylor shares, “it’s about understanding what it takes to walk with people into the unknown and try to build a better world.” Taylor discusses the barriers we face when attempting to create change, the role of identity in resistance, and how to inspire commitment to the transformation we seek. We hope you will give it a watch and gain some insight into a piece of her powerful research.

We couldn’t be more proud to celebrate a member of our team!

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