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Why Are We So Scared to Talk About Burnout?

It's no secret that burnout is a real problem across all sectors and businesses. But why are we so scared to talk about it?

Is it because we're afraid of being seen as weak? Maybe it is because we feel there is no one to talk to about it? Or is it because we don't want to face the reality that some jobs or workplaces might be causing more harm than good?

Whatever the reason, silence around burnout is only making the problem worse. We need to start talking about burnout openly and honestly if we're going to start addressing it effectively.

So why are we so scared to talk about burnout? Let's discuss where we think part of the problem may be.

Part of the reason why burnout levels are growing may be that we see failure and mistakes as negative things. But if we cannot openly discuss our failures and mistakes, we will never learn from them. And if we are not learning from our mistakes, we are more likely to make them again.

Another part of the problem may be that we are afraid of sounding like we're complaining. But if we don't talk about our problems, we will never find solutions. And if we don't find solutions, the problems will only get worse. So let's start talking about burnout. Let's be open about our experiences and learn from each other. Only then can we start to find ways to address this growing problem.

The bottom line is that we need to create a culture of psychological safety, where it's OK to talk about our struggles and where we can learn from our mistakes. only then can we truly prevent burnout.

What are your thoughts on burnout? Do you think we need to open up the conversation more? Are you seeing it more and more in your own workplace?

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