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The Future of Leadership: Empowering Remote Teams

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Working 100% remotely is tough.

You can take it from the CEO of a company that was designed and built to be 100% remote. ...but what makes it easier is when leaders understand they need to create section alignment and commitment--instead of demanding it.

Letting adults decide what's best for themselves becomes easy and feels more certain when you've built an environment that not only has, but actively promotes psychological safety.

Leaders wanting to "see their people" allows for them to be lazy and unintentional. As leaders who fall to this mentality, you only trust others to the degree that you can trust yourself.

We are still talking about the water cooler here, we are social beings. How we come together is at the center of the issue. But, we as leaders, need to acknowledge that there is so much more at the core of people's lives. Despite what Instagram might tell you. We need to trust that if we create the conditions for success -- most people will pursue excellence.

Embracing remote work means shifting our perspective as leaders. It was never going to be easy. But it is not about keeping tabs on your team but rather fostering a culture of accountability and autonomy. The water cooler chat has given way to virtual coffee breaks and digital hangouts, where casual conversations can still thrive. But as leaders, we must remember that our team members have rich lives beyond work.

Trust should extend beyond professional tasks. It means trusting that your team members have the maturity to manage their time and deliver results. The heart of this new era of work lies in empowering individuals to grow and succeed on their terms.

When we create environments where people feel safe to voice their ideas, concerns, and even their need for personal time, we really do build stronger, more resilient teams.

In this landscape, excellence isn't coerced; it's nurtured through psychological safety, and trust, respect, and empathy at its core.

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